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Aquitaine Reluctant Readers Series 2

Not all children read at the same level nor do all children enjoy reading. While a good many children do become excited and engaged in reading, especially in the primary grades, some are reluctant and disinterested. While a child may not show a natural interest in reading, this does not mean he/she cannot become a skilled and even enthusiastic reader. If the child has reached middle grade and is still disinterested, it’s time to take action.

While any child, young or old, male or female can be a reluctant reader the largest number of unenthusiastic readers are adolescent boys. Research shows that a good number of boys who were avid readers in the elementary grades become disinterested in reading during their middle school years. However, there are a number of factors that may contribute to this shift—increasing complexity of material, peer pressure—one of the primary reasons seems to be they fail to see the connection between reading and “real” life.

Aquitaine, Ltd.’s  Reluctant Reader Series for Boys and Girls, geared to middle grade readers, fills all these requirements through special interests, such as the first book in this series that recounts the a NCAA tournament loss in one year to a record-breaking season in the next. Each book in this series will highlight different careers, interests, or special circumstances and how the individuals overcame obstacles to reach thier goals.

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